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May 10, 2014

I'm a 71 year-old male who received his enemas from mom with his first recollection being from about age 4 or 5, though I'm sure I received them prior to that age.
How did mom give them? Up until about the age of 7 or so, it was over mom's lap while she sat on the toilet which was right next to the sink that contained the warm, Ivory soap solution that would repeatedly fill the 4oz infant bulb syringe. It was never without a fight. I'd kick and scream but to no avail. Unlike many moms of that day, my mom only used enemas to relieve constipation.
After age 7 or 8, mom would have me position myself on the bathroom floor with butt raised and head down. It was about this time that I had graduated to the adult bulb syringe. Years of fighting and screaming had taught me I wasn't going to win, so I accepted the treatment as a necessary evil and submitted peacefully.
Once I turned 12 or 13, mom used the enema bag for administration and it was about then that she taught me to self-administer as puberty set in and the evidence of my changing attitude toward enemas was being realized by her and by me. If I became constipated, she would suggest that I use an enema for relief. I must admit that by the age of 13, I got "constipated" quite frequently just so I could enjoy the effects the enema had on my now pubescent body.
It was also around this time that mom would ask me to administer enemas to my younger siblings using the infant or adult bulb syringe. I was the eldest of 5 children. This would only occur when I was babysitting them and they were clearly constipated or if mom was very busy and the need arose. While I enjoyed giving these enemas, it was never for any sexual enjoyment, but rather, one of feeling like an adult with responsibility given to me by my mother.
I have enjoyed giving and receiving enemas in my adult and senior years. Although I would have to say that giving is more enjoyable than receiving. The older I get, the more the enemas are out of necessity rather than enjoyment when I'm on the receiving end.
Now, onto your question about embarrassment: My thought is this. Years ago, mothers considered an enema as the treatment of choice for constipation. The enema was commonplace. There was a bag and/or bulb in most linen closets or left hanging from the towel rack while they dried. Today, that is not so. Laxatives have become the treatment of choice for most families. Why? Certainly the hustle and bustle of today's worlds has something to do with it. It's much faster to give your child a pill or liquid to swallow than to take the time to fill a bag or bulb and maybe fight with them to take an enema; especially if you're not a stay-at-home mom. Relief takes longer to achieve but the convenience of the laxative outweighs the promptness of relief. TV ads certainly add to this move away from enemas and to laxatives. They promise "prompt, overnight, gentle relief". Who could resist that?
My conclusion is that it is rare to find enemas as the treatment of choice except among older folks like me and my gender, and that the new attitude is "Ewww pump water into you bottom?", it could be embarrassing to walk into a pharmacy and ask "Where might I find your enema bags?" Unless the clerk behind the counter is a member of AARP, you may get a weird look along with the response. (That is, if the young clerk even knows that there are enemas that are not made by Fleet).
The days of mom talking to her friends and saying "I had to give Mary or Johnny an enema last night" are no longer commonplace. It's a fact of life that I hope may change as the newest generation seems more interested in more natural cures and are questioning what effects some of the medications may have on us in the long term.
Opinions are like enemas. I enjoy giving one, but not all will agree and may fight receiving it. Just like me when I was over mom's lap at age 4 or 5.
Bottoms up!

April 26, 2014

I was at a friendís house and went to the bathroom to pee. Hanging from the shower rod was an enema bag with the hose and nozzle attached. It was the bathroom in his room. We were lying on his bed watching TV so I asked him about it. He said his mom had given him an enema that morning because he was plugged up. He said when she got back from the store she would be giving him another one. I immediately thought I needed to get the heck out of there when she walked into the room and told him it was time for another one. I about crapped my pants when she took the bag from the rod and filled it up with warm soapy water. He started to undress when I said I will see u later and he told me to stay. He was ok with me being there. His mom said she needed me to hold the bag because Tedís brother had left for baseball practice.
I got real nervous but just stood there when she came out and handed me the enema bag while she laid a towel on the bed and told Ted to lie down. With nothing but a tank top on, he lay on his belly and his mom took the hose and told me to hold the bag to my chest and she stuck the nozzle in him and let the water flow. It was so matter of fact I was stunned. He grunted a little and she clamped the hose shut a few times and about 10 minutes later the bag was empty and he emptied himself as she refilled the bag. This went on for about 45 minutes and she was satisfied he was cleaned out. He never complained once.
I had plenty of enemas but it was always a quiet ordeal and just my mom giving it to me.
When it was over his mom hung the bag back on the rod and left the
room and we went back to watching TV. I will never forget the sight if his bare butt with the hose in him and me holding that enema bag with mom directing the process and holding the nozzle in place. Ironically later that week my mom gave me enemas when I told her I was plugged up but she didn't recruit a helper. Just me and her and that damn enema bag!

February 6, 2014

My doctor sent me to the hospital for a colonoscopy in the '70s. I had to go in the afternoon before the procedure. They told me to completely undressed and they gave me the typical short gown plus lower PJs. Didn't even know hospitals had pajama bottoms, especially for prep for a colon exam. To my surprise they fed me a pretty good dinner. Then around 8pm the nurse brought me a small brown bottle of liquid to drink [I don't even know the medication]. But it kept me going to the bathroom all night long. I was pretty wiped out by the time two nurses rolled an enema can hanging from an IV stand into my room at 6AM. The one who was going to administer the enema stood on my left, the other nurse on the right side of the bed. They stood there and watched as I fumbled with the knot in the pajama bottoms and slid them off.

I was then instructed to lie in the Sims position. I saw the nozzle was white and very angular--not the streamline shape I'd seen on other nozzles. She lubed it and slid it into the rectum, where it was very easy to keep in place. I heard the click of the nozzle being opened as she started the enema. Part way through she told me to roll onto my stomach for the next 1/3 of the enema. It seemed hardly any time at all before she told me to roll onto my right side for the final 1/3. I then had to hold it for several minutes. In the process I suspect everything was pretty well exposed to both nurses but wasn't much I could do about modesty. I was then allowed to get up and go to the bathroom.

About an hour later they took me into the exam room where I saw a huge long black tube coiled on the end of the exam table. Once on it I believe I lay on my back as the two doctors shoved it into my colon hand over hand. The only discomfort was at the flexures, and that quickly subsided. Once in, they put on a training scope and let me watch and see the inside of my colon. Interesting. I was then kept overnight for observation, to make sure I could urinate before they sent me home They'd come by every couple of hours during the night to palpate my bladder. One of the times I had an erection and the nurse quickly left. I still hadn't gone by morning so they turned the tap on in the washbasin. I did finally go, and they let me shower and go home.

December 27, 2013

I was born in 1959 but got enemas all through the 60's and even the early 70's. My mom believed that most ailments could be dealt with by aspirin and an enema, if those didn't work then it was time to see the doctor. Often the doctor's nurse would tell my mother to give me an enema, but usually mom had already done that. In our house, enemas were all the same in that they were between 1 and 2 quarts of warm water made soapy with Ivory and administered from a red combination syringe. It did not matter if I told mom that I didn't need one because I had been going to the bathroom because her response was that a good cleaning out would never hurt any way.

When I was young I was not terribly cooperative about taking an enema, but got one any way. Soon I figured out that just getting the enema was better than getting both spanked and the enema so I tended to settle down. Some years after that I more or less figured that I also felt better afterward and on one occasion as a teenager actually asked for one.

While we wouldn't talk about them that much during those times, all the kids knew that enemas were part of the home remedy thing. Enema bags and bulbs were standard fixtures in the homes of many of my friends and nobody thought twice about it.


In the 1940's and 50's medical treatments were less complicated than today. A good cleaning out with a soapsuds enema and rest in bed was usually the basis of good home medical treatment, and they usually worked. In simple illnesses simple treatments to stimulate the body's healing capacity should be preferred to antibiotics which are used far to much. In the 1940's and 1950's when we were ill in our family we could almost always look forward to a date with the enema bag. It was one of my mother's standard treatments, and though she was gentle and comforting and talked to me affectionately while she was giving me an enema, her enemas were extremely efficient. Almost every house had an enema bag on the closet shelf, or hanging from the back of the bathroom door, and thy were used frequently and effectively. I was always embarrassed and excited when I had to have an enema, but when I look back I wouldn't have it any other way.


Back in the early 50's I was leaving College and wondering what I wanted to do, and was thinking of becoming a doctor. So to find out a bit more, I took a summer job at the excellent local Cottage hospital. They had about 12 beds. It involved general portering and cleaning under a medical technician. so I got a good idea of what was going on.

In those days nurses ordered enemas PRN and it seemed the practice there to welcome most patients with a soap suds enema on arrival and thereafter if there was any doubt at all about the state of their bowels further enemas as necessary.

The nurses had delegated the administration of the routine enemas to my boss, the technician, which took up quite a lot of his time. After a few weeks the technician went off on his summer holiday and the nurses said jokingly to me "Now you will have to do the enemas!"

I had by this time plenty of experience of being on the receiving end of enemas, which I had come to enjoy, so I immediately said yes, if they would show me how to do it properly! To which they agreed after consulting Matron.

They had a small separate room for doing the enemas on ambulantry patients, fully equipped with treatment couch covered with a red rubber sheet,separate toilet, sink and draining boards, steriliser, IV stand, and cupboards for the 2 quart white enameled enema cans and tubing, bedpans and other supplies.

So the following afternoon I was initiated in the art, first by watching the proceedure a couple of times and clearing up after and then actually giving my first enema! I have to confess that I really enjoyed the whole experience.

After giving a few more under supervision I was allowed to give them on my own dressed up in my white coat and red rubber apron. From then on for the rest of the summer quite a lot of my time was taken up in giving soapsud enemas and the occasional 'enema to clear', even after the technician returned. Even though I say it myself, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I became very good at cleaning out my patients.

The summer passed too quickly. However I felt that the reponsibilities of the medical profession were not for me, although the wonders of the human body continue to fascinate me. Many year later, after I retired I trained and qualified as a colonic therapist and practiced for a number of years.


Mom kept the B F Goodrich syringe box in the top drawer of the cabinet of the bathroom. The flat drawer fit the Faultless box with a bit of room to spare and my twin sister and I were never to touch it from what I remember. About age 3 or so, my sister became constipated from what I could gather later from memories of that time. At the time I did not remember ever having an enema but might have and never remembered it. Grandmother was staying with us that weekend and soon it was decided that my sister was going to receive some sort of treatment before bedtime. Sister was nervous but not feeling well laying on her bed and I being curious, peeked around the bathroom door frame to see mother and grandmother remove the flat box from the top drawer and begin to fill it at the sink. The big douche nozzle was replaced with a smaller black nozzle and the now full bag was hung from the towel rack above the sink. A big fluffy towel was placed on the sink and a bedpan was placed at the end of the folded fluffy towel. Something was mentioned about time to get Lisa from the bedroom and I quickly slipped down the hallway to the shadows of my room where I would not be noticed. Grandma went to Lisa's room and brought her out by the hand saying it was time to make her feel better. I was very curious about just how they were going to make her feel better with the big rubber bag of soapy water. I watched as grandmother took her into the bathroom door and heard mother say, "Lisa, we have to put you up on the sink so we can give you a treatment."

Since the door had not been closed I decided to slip down the hallway and peek in on the treatment. By the time I got there Lisa was on her back on the towel with her nightshirt pulled up with mother holding her legs up and back her buttocks over the bedpan. Grandmother was holding the black enema nozzle almost touching her bottom saying to take a deep breath. Next thing I knew Lisa was being made to take the invasion of the black nozzle in her backside which made her jump a bit. When the nozzle was fully inserted, Grandmother reached for the lever style clamp and made a comment about this will be be warm and make you feel full but feel better when done. It was not long before Lisa began to feel the effects of the enema injection and began to wiggle. This got Grandmother's attention and she clamped the hose. For some reason she looked away from the enema treatment procedure to see me peeking around the door frame. I was immediately told to go to my room and the door slammed shut. Not much later Lisa began to cry out that it hurt and it seemed like the two adults were going to kill my twin sister. They were in the bathroom for a long time that evening before Lisa finally came out and was sent to bed. She never did tell me what they did to her and she really did not know how much I saw before being told to leave. Only much later did I realize she had received her first memorable enema.


Growing up in the 1950s enemas were the remedy of choice. My sisters and I usually received an enema during an illness or for constipation. The enemas were given in the kitchen as a bathroom was located just down a hallway.

The enemas were given in the morning usually right after breakfast. Mom didn't care if any one else was in the kitchen when me or one of my sisters was to be given an enema. Mom always used a bulb syringe as she like having control over the flow. Mom would place us over her lap and the enema would be given slowly with as much soapy water our bowels could take. The enemas were large and very effective and each of us received at least one per month.

To this day I remember my enemas and seeing my sisters receive theirs.


December 2, 2013

I have had barium xrays a number of times.  They're not too awful.  Just embarrassing.  For that reason I agree with Janet.  I'm not looking forward to the next time. 

The prep the day before isn't easy.  I can deal with not eating it's the laxative I don't like doing.  Twice I've had barium enemas at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  There you don't have to do the laxative.  You go to a clinic in the morning where they give you several enemas to clean you out.  If you stay at one of the hotels connected to the clinic for an extra charge they'll even send a nurse to your hotel room in the morning to give you the enemas.  That's what I call room service.  This is from the Mayo site.

>enema prep service is available on the subway level of the Eisenberg Building, Room S-34. You can schedule an appointment by calling 266-7008. Hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The cost of this service will be included on your Mayo bill.

The enema prep is easier than the laxative route except it is more embarrassing.  Imagine sitting in a waiting room with all those others knowing everyone there is about to have their name called and when they go down the hall in short order they'll be getting a butt full of soapy water several times all so they can get the really big enema of the day in the xray department.  There is not a lot of eye contact as you sit there.  Everybody has their head down in a magazine pretending they're at the dentist or something. 

Once, I had a male insert the bardex nozzle.  This was not at Mayo. It was embarrassing.  He was young, charming and very nice.  He was also about to stick his finger up my bottom and my face must have shown how embarrassed I was.  I could feel the blush. 

He had me get up on the table, left side, right knee pulled up.  My gown fell open when I moved my leg.  Right away I felt his left hand lift my cheek and he said he was going to lubricate me so the nozzle would go in easily.  I felt cold lube on my anus and then the finger that had swiped the lube into place started to push and firmly invaded my bottom.  Once well up he gave a gentle twist of his finger and slowly withdrew it.  He covered me with a sheet and said he was going to go and get the enema.

I heard him leave the room and a minute later he was back.  Over my shoulder I could see the clear plastic bag full of white liquid, the hose, and on the end, in his other hand, the dreaded bardex.  He smiled, hung the bag up on an IV pole and put lube all over the nozzle.  He pulled back the sheet and again lifted my cheek to expose my anus.  With his right hand he positioned the end of the nozzle tube at my anus and I felt it slip in.  Then he said he had to insert the inflating part, which would be a little more difficult.  Then the pressure, more pressure, he said, alright, let's do it, and I felt my anus expand as the rubber air bag slid in.

I don't think it was very painful.  I was too embarrassed to notice.  Then he asked me if I'd ever had an enema before.  I said yes and he said that was good as I knew it wouldn't be too bad.  He told me his mom had given him lots and lots of enemas growing up and he knew what it was like and how embarrassing it was.  I said you're right about that and he said he still blushed remembering the enemas his mom had given him when he was a teenager!  All the time he was talking he was slowly pumping up the balloon inside of me.  He gave it a little tug outwards which ensured it was secure and then he said he was going to start the enema.  There was a click and I could feel the cool enema start to enter.

He asked if I'd had enemas growing up too.  I said I had.  Not as big as this one.  He asked how large an enema I took now.  He just assumed I took enemas!  I was so embarrassed.  To told him somewhere near two quarts.  Sometimes the full two.  He said he was going to give me two liters, about 10% more than two quarts.  I'm sure you'll have no problem. 

Afterwards I decided he had talked about enemas to distract me from what was happening inside of me.  The balloon was making me feel full and soon the enema started to make me feel even more full.  He said I was half way and was I surprised.  I said that was fast.  And he said the bag wasn't all that high, it was just I was in a good position and my gut was empty so there was lots of room for the enema.  I'll be able to give you the whole thing.  That's 2.5 liters.  You'll get better pictures if you can take the whole thing. 

It was distracting talking to him about enemas in some ways.  In others it was so embarrassing.  I think less embarrassing than lying there if we were both silent.   I've had that happen when I've been given other enemas and I'm just thinking in the silence about how the person giving it to me has just stuck that thing in my bottom and is now looking at the bardex going up my rear end.  I was sure aware of it with him but the talking gave my mind something else to deal with too. 

I was surprised when he told me I had the full two and a half liters in me.  Just then the door opened and I heard a lady's voice introduce herself.  It was the doctor.  She had me roll around a few times into different positions, took some pictures, and then left.  My attendant said that was it and for me to roll back on my left side. 

He deflated the bardex and slowly pulled it out.  What a relief.  He pointed to a door and said it was the bathroom.  I was off the table and into the toilet as quick as I could move without an accident. 

When I came out he appeared and told me the doctor had had a quick look at my xrays and couldn't see any problems at all.  My own doctor would give me a full report.  I thanked him. 

I was 14 and had cussed out my older sister for something she had done to me. I was told to take off my clothes and bend over and I got swats with a paddle. Then I had to go lie down in the tub on my back and take a soapy enema from a bag suspended on the shower facet and had hold it for 12 minutes.

I had scratched "Mama, I want a big, hot, soapy, enema today!" onto neighbor's tile floor in his bedroom. The neighbor was a retarded man that lived across the street from us. His mother found the scratching and called my Mom. Mother went over to their house and when she came back she was irate. She came into my room where I was laying on my bed. She busted in and screamed at me "I'm so embarrassed! Son! How could you do that? So you want a big, hot, soapy enema, do you?" With that said Mom yanked me literally off my bed and drug me into her bathroom. Holding me with her left hand she opened the cabinet in her bathroom with her right and reached in and retrieved her Rexall Victoria Combination syringe. She held it up at me and then slapped me with it saying, "well, Son, if itís an enema that you want, itís an enema that you are going to get! One that you will not soon forget. I hope you like it!"

With that said, she again slapped me across the face with the bottle and hose. She screamed at me telling me to get undressed and get ready for my enema. With that said, she turned on the water in her bathtub and waited till she had the right amount of hot water flowing. She filled the bottle and pointed it at me saying "don't you move while I put some soap into the bag. You did say you wanted it soapy, right?" With that said she left the room, completely full red hot water bottle in hand, along with the red hose. She came back in carrying the bag, hose and dishwashing liquid. I watched as she squirted several ounces of the Ivory dishwashing soap into the bottle. Then she screwed the adapter and hose into the bottle.

Once she had that secure she shook the bottle back and forth for about a minute saying, "I want the water and soap to mix good for you son!" She then hung the bottle from its normal location above the toilet and patted the commode for me to lie across. I did as I was told and Mom spread my cheeks to insert the black douche nozzle into me. It slid in quiet easily. Mom slapped my right cheek as she opened the shut-off. Boy was it hot, but it felt good. Mom watched intently as the water invaded my rectum. I looked up and saw her squeezing the bag to aid the water into me. She asked me if I was enjoying my enema. I couldn't lie and told her that I was. She slapped my butt again. When all of that water was in me, she told me to not get up. She reached up, took down the bag, and turned the water back on in the tub. She again filled the bottle and hung it above my hips. I could hear the water filling the tube. She leaned down into my face and said, "Son, you will not forget this enema! I can guarantee that!" and with that said, she again opened the syringe's shut-off and my enema continued. I think I surprised her cause I took every ounce of that bag also.

After all that was in me, she pulled the nozzle from within me and told me not to let an ounce out. She said if I did I'd get another larger one. 15 minutes passed before she left the room letting me finally sit on the toilet to expel it. I have been wanting another just like that ever since. No luck...

November 15, 2013

I got caught skipping school one Friday. My Aunt told me to get nude and not to get dressed in the morning. About 10 the next morning she told me to bend over the chair and then gave me 20 good whacks with a belt. I to stay bent over for 30 minutes while she prepared my first enema. She came back with a douche nozzle coated with Vicks rub in inserted right there. She then let me know my enema would begin in 15 minutes.

After the time had passed she order me into the bath room and without removing the nozzle attached the enema tube to it. She explained to me she was not going to let the air out of the tube to make the enema hurt even more. I could smell the soap and see the bubbles coming out of the top of the bag. She then told me to assume the usual position and I did quickly. She then pushed the nozzle in as far as it would go and released the clamp. It did not take long before the two quart bag was empty and I was wishing I had not skipped school. She then removed the nozzle and told me to stand in the tub. This was a first; usually I was allowed to lie down to hold my enemas.

She said I had to hold it for 15 minute and if one drop came out I would get the belt again before the rinse enema. She sat there and watched me try to hold it. The cramps were intense and when I grabbed my butt checks to try to help hold it I got a good reminder of the whipping I just had. I only made it 5 minutes before I started leaking. My aunt told me to get on the toilet and in 30 minutes she would whip me again and the give me two rinse enemas. She also told me the only thing I would be wearing the rest of the day was a Kotex in case I leaked. The most embarrassing part of all this was she was on the phone with a friend of hers telling her of my ordeal. I never skipped school again.

November 8, 2013

Mom and mom's friend Carol thought misbehaving was caused by constipation. Many times Carol's daughter, Linda and I would be punished together. And to add to the embarrassment Carol would give me an enema and mom would attend to Linda. The first time Carol gave me an enema was the most embarrassing. A red bulb enema syringe was always used and the enema took at least 30 minutes to administer the many bulbs. I did learn to enjoy watching Linda receive her enema which mom usually administered.

October 15, 2013

While staying with my aunt during summer vacation I had gotten into some trouble. She was quite mad at me and after giving me a spanking she had me stand in a corner for about an hour. She then took me into the bathroom and gave me an enema. She stripped me nude, and placed me across her lap while she was seated in an armless chair. I had to "hold it" for 10 minutes or so then go potty. She filled me 3 times and believe me, I never misbehaved again while staying at her house!!!!!

October 5, 2013

She is very good at taking enemas. When positioned, she was instructed to 'bear down' like trying to have a bowel movement. She was a bit hesitant to do this and a little tap on her behind helped. As she was bearing down, I could see her anus dilate slightly, and that's when the enema nozzle was inserted. The enema bag was about 2 feet above her. I told her her enema was about to begin and I opened the clamp. I asked if she could feel the enema and grunted 'yes'. I gave her a running account of how much enema was left. I had to stop the enema once due to cramping. When the enema bag drained empty, and we heard the "kiss of the enema bag." I closed the clamp and slowly removed the nozzle from her rectum. She was then allowed to get up and sit on the toilet. I watched as she embarrassedly expelled in front of me, with all that entails.

September 19, 2013

I used my 4 quart open top enema bag with a butt plug style inflatable enema nozzle. After putting just over 3 quarts of warm tap water I added about 3 tbs. of liquid dish detergent to the water. ( JOY is the best. ) It doesn't irritate the colon. I've used it for years. Don't ever use IVORY unless you are trying to kill tapeworms! It will make your colon cramp up and make you sick to your tummy. But will kill any or all tapeworms you may have.

After the 3+ quart soap enema was ready, I hung the bag from the shower curtain rod above the bathtub. I put a bath towel on the floor in front of the tub. I lubed the top half of the inflatable nozzle with KY jelly and then sat on the edge of the tub. I told her get down on the towel on her knees and her ass toward me. I had her put her arms out in front of her and tits and head down on the towel. After doing that I told her to spread her knees apart and relax her anus muscles so I could insert the inflatable enema nozzle. I held the tip of the over the bath tub and opened the hose clamp to expel the air from the hose. The enema bag as I had said earlier is the open top fountain style made of bright red rubber. The enema hose is clear silicone large diameter equipped with a one way check valve to prevent "backflow" and a water flow indicator "pinwheel style" and a black rubber squeeze pump if the water stops flowing in and you need to help it a bit. The hose clamp is white plastic flow control type. The butt plug style inflatable enema nozzle is bright red with black inflation bulb.

I then told her I was going to insert the nozzle . I slowly pushed the nozzle in and when fully in place, I closed the thumb valve on the inflator bulb and slowly inflated the nozzle until it was nice and tight and would not pull out. I opened the clamp and the soapy enema started. I made sure the water had a good steady flow. If the water flow stopped I would wait two or three seconds then give the pump bulb a squeeze or two . It took about 4 min. to give her the enema. She took every drop of the 3+ quart soapy enema. I closed the hose clamp and gave the nozzle a couple of pumps to make sure it would stay in place. I had her get back to her feet and when she stood in front me she looked like she was about 6 months pregnant. I stood up and took the empty bag from the shower curtain rod and gave it to her so she walk over in front of the big bathroom mirror to see her tummy. I told her she needed to retain the enema for at least 8 to 10 min ( twice as long as it took to take it ) and it would help if she walked around the house.

After about 10 min. I followed her back to the bathroom and I took the enema bag from her and hung it back on the shower curtain rod. I then had her straddle the toilet seat and lean forward a bit. I stood beside her and I opened the thumb valve to deflate the retention nozzle. I removed the nozzle and she sat on the toilet and started expelling the soapy enema. It took about 20 min. to get all the soapy water out of her colon. When she was finished getting the enema out of her, I filled a 2 quart red combination (hot water bottle) type bag with plain warm water and attached the 5 1/2 foot red rubber hose with standard metal snap clamp and I attached a bulbous tip douche nozzle. After expelling the air from the hose I gave her the bag to hold as high up as could reach and stand over the towel on the floor. I stood behind her and spread her butt cheeks and inserted the douche nozzle fully and opened the hose clamp to start the rinse enema. I held the nozzle with my right hand and moved it around in a circular pattern as well as in and out a bit as I massaged her lower tummy with my left hand. It only took a minute for her to take the 2 qt. enema. When the bag was empty I closed the hose clamp and pulled the nozzle out. She was able to hold the enema in her colon for almost 5 minutes then expelled on the toilet.

September 10, 2013

I went for my bi-monthly colonic and coffee enema session at a colon hydrotherapy clinic run by a female therapist. A coffee enema is always given, only after a complete machine colonic to make the session more effective.

After my machine colonic, I expelled the remaining residual water while on the toilet. I cleaned my backside with toilet paper and a baby wipe provided in the bathroom. When I returned to the treatment room, the therapist had a 2qt disposable enema bag prepared with 103F organic coffee solution. Attached is a disposable silicone rectal catheter approx. 1/2" in diameter. She asks me to assume the left-lateral position for the insertion (left side with both knees drawn toward the chest). She lubricated her right index finger with coconut oil, raised my buttock, and inserted her finger up my rectum about 2". This makes the insertion of the colon tube completely without discomfort. She lubricated the colon tube with a generous amount of coconut oil.

Next, she raised my buttock, and asked me to breath in....and as I exhaled, she gently slid the colon tube up into my rectum 5"-6". I only felt a little pressure when the tip of the catheter passed my sphincter. It goes in very easy for a deep insertion. She opened the clamp, and I felt the rush of warmth in my lower abdomen. She had me lower my right knee so that I was now in the left-sims position. I barely felt a little cramping toward the end of the enema. The therapist always administers the solution slowly to minimize discomfort. I held almost all of it when I started having the urge to expel. She gently removed the catheter, and I got down and went to the commode.

Most enemas that I've been given in my life have usually been associated with discomfort and embarrassment. But my therapist knows how to administer coffee enemas with absolute comfort and minimum embarrassment.

September 6, 2013

I had period cramps and was constipated because of my period.  Mom spread K-Y Jelly over the douche nozzle and all inside my rectum. Then she inserted the douche nozzle and started the enema. I could feel it filling my rectum and warmth spreading through my tummy.

Mom had to stop the enema several times because I had cramps, but she said it was important for me to take all of it or she would need to give me another soapsuds enema. I was able to take all two quarts and hold it for several minutes until she said I could go. I felt much better after the enema. Later that night I told her I though another enema would help my period cramps, so she took me back into the bathroom and gave me another even larger enema, but just plain warm water this time. It did help a lot.

Mom gives me a good cleanout every month with lots of soapsuds enemas until all that comes out is clear soapy water.

September 4, 2013

My mother had me get nude for the enema.   I first was bending over the tub but mother made me lay down on a towel that was on the floor.  After she finally got the colon tube in me she started the warm water flow in me.  She then put a hot water bottle on my stomach to help with the cramps.  The enema process must have taken 20 minutes. But after it was over and I had taken a warm shower most of my menstrual cramps went away.

August 7, 2013

Mom has a couple of enema bags. One is an open top, like a hot water bottle with the open top, one is a hot water bottle with an attachment set, and one is a folding travel syringe. Then she has a couple of enema bulbs, so she's well equipped in the enema department,

The bags are all traditional red ones, with red hoses, and black nozzles. The travel one is clear amber though.

This time mom used the open top one. She uses a little liquid soap, which she squirts in and she tells us to get ready, which means taking all our clothes off. While undressing she gets the temperature in the bathroom sink running right and then fills the bag, and hangs it from a hook on the towel rack. Then she puts KY on the nozzle.

Next comes the dread command --- this time it was to bend over the bathtub, with hands on the side, legs wiggled back and apart, so we're well bent over. Sometimes I'm told to kneel down on the floor, and sometimes on my back, with legs up, but mostly like this time, it's bent over the tub.

Then she tells us to get ready, the nozzle is inserted, and we're told it's going to start. She lifts the bag off the hook, holds it up, then there's the click and a moment later I can feel the enema surging in.

When we've taken the enema the hose is clipped off, the nozzle withdrawn, and there is a short hold period while she puts the bag in the sink, Then we're left to expel.

July 19, 2013

My mother would tell me it was time for my enema and I would be undressed and taken into the bathroom where the red enema bag would be hanging from the shower curtain rod. The red enema bag would be filled with warm soapy water and the hose would have a black enema tip attached. I would be placed into the bath tub, lying prone on a towel. The enema pipe would be inserted and then the clamp opened to allow the enema solution to flow into my rectum. Once the enema bag was empty and I was filled up, I was then placed on the toilet to empty out. Usually, I would then receive another tap water enema to rinse me out. I don't know why my mother decided when I needed an enema but I do recall telling her that I liked enemas and her giving me one after I told her that.

July 15, 2013

When I arrived at the G.I. clinic, the nurse called me from the waiting room, brought me to a dressing room, and gave me instructions to "take everything off and put this gown on, it opens in the back. She returned and asked me if "I had taken the laxative the day before, clear liquids, etc." I said yes. She then told me she would be giving me a cleansing enema which is different from the little fleet enemas you can buy in the pharmacy. She said that this enema has more water in it, don't be nervous, because you are pretty much cleaned out from the laxative. She walked me to a procedure room with an exam table, and IV Pole, sink, bathroom/toilet was near room, through a door. There were some 2 M.A. students with her (Medical Assistant) She told me to sit up on the table and lay down on my back, put a sheet over me, and, told her students to prepare the enema like she had shown them with the prior patient. I watched as the students filled a disposable, large enema bag, placed a packet of liquid soap in it, then brought it over to her. She hung the bag on the IV pole and pointed out to the students that the bottom of the bag should be around 24 inches above my hips. She instructed me to turn onto my left side and she said bring your right leg up towards your chest. I then heard her ask one of the students "You want to do this?" The student closest to her said "yes!" and she proceeded to put on gloves, place KY jelly on a paper towel and place the end of the tubing in the KY jelly and lubricate the tip. Without any warning, the student flung the sheet and my gown to the side, thus, now my bare butt is exposed for all to see, and more, because my leg is flexed up towards my chest. The student then pushed my upper butt cheek up and the nurse told her, ok, now insert the tube-it was cold-and direct it towards his umbilicus-and she pushed it way, way in. The nurse told her good, that's far enough, now hold it there and release the clamp. I felt the warm water enter my rectum and colon. I guess I was so empty, I took the entire bag. The student removed the tip, And I was told I had to hold it for 10 minutes...yeah right....try more like 2 minutes, before I ran off to the bathroom. When I returned, student #2 was holding the tip and had filled the enema bag with just regular water, it looked like it...no soap....and, this time, she got to practice on my already sore anus. When this was done, The doctor came in, and during the exam said I had an excellent prep, he could see everything and everything was normal.  The sigmoidoscopy was not bad, compared to the cramping, and discomfort of the two enemas.

July 2, 2013

The nurse came into room, advised me that I would have to have an enema prior to the surgery which was scheduled for the next morning - this was about 8:00 in the evening. I was asked to get out of bed so a pad could be spread and then get back in and assume the Sims position. The nurse had brought in a cart that had the equipment on it. She went to the bathroom annex and prepared the enema, and after returning, hung the bucket on the IV pole next to the bed.

After telling me she was going to lubricate my rectum, she inserted a gloved finger into my rectum to spread the K-Y jelly she had put on her forefinger on my anus and into my rectum. She then inserted the tip that was part of the tubing into my rectum, released the clamp and allowed the warm, soapy water to run in. She told me to tell her if I became uncomfortable, had cramps, or thought I was becoming too full. When the contents of the bucket had run in (I was able to take all of the prepared fluid - about 1500ccs), she clamped the hose, pulled the tip out and told me to go to the bathroom and expel when I couldn't hold it any longer (that was as soon as I got to the toilet). I expelled it and bowel contents. The nurse remained outside until I was through, reminding me that she needed to check returns when I was through, so I should not flush. When I was done, I returned to the room, she went in the bathroom, and flushed. She came back in the room, and took the equipment away after telling me that the enema had worked adequately and she would see me at bedtime to give me something to help me sleep, as she knew I was nervous about the up-coming surgery.

June 10, 2013

When I was 12 years old, I had the most embarrassing experience of my life up to that time. It was summer and there had been an illness going around our neighborhood. We and the Benderís, another family in the neighborhood, had the same family doctor. I had come down with whatever was going around and so had the two Bender children. Cathy and Tom, 11 and 13, which resulted in back to back appointments. My mother and I were called in first and at the end of my examination the doctor gave my mother two prescriptions and also prescribed an enema for me when we got home. As we were leaving the office the Benders were taken in. We walked about two blocks to a pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled. And while we were waiting for them the Benders came in to get prescriptions filled. As we waited Mrs. Bender told my mother that she needed to give her two children enemas and that she didnít have an enema bag at home and would need to buy one but wasnít sure what to get. My mother offered to help her select one and she ended up selecting an open top Duvol bag

After completing our purchases we all rode home together on the bus. As we went Mrs. Bender confided to my mother that she had never given an enema or taken one herself. She said that she had been given several by her mother when she was quite young but didnít know how to give one. My mother told her that the doctor had ordered a soap suds enema for me and she needed to give it to me and follow it up with a rinse enema, Mrs. Bender said that she had been advised to do the same thing, give soapsuds enemas. Much to my distress my mother invited her come over and observe her giving the enema to me and, adding to that distress, she suggested that after I had the first enema that she, Mrs. Bender, could give me a second enema because she needed the experience before she gave them to her children and that another enema would be needed to clear any residual soap out of me, then after my enemas she would go with her and help her give her children their enemas

Shortly after my mother and I arrived home Mrs. Bender came to the house and she and my mother took me into the bathroom. I was told to completely undress and sit on the closed toilet while my mother showed Mrs. Bender how my enema was prepared. A bar of Ivory soap was put into the bag and it was filled a little, then the top rolled over and the bag was shaken vigorously then opened and filled with more water allowing the bar of soap to remain floating in the bag. It was then hung from a towel rod and I was told to get onto the floor mat on my back and pull my legs up and back exposing myself. I was so embarrassed and felt so ashamed to have Mrs. Bender see all of me. I knew what was going to happen regardless of my pleas for privacy and not to have the enema, bit I also knew that it could not be avoided. Like all the enemas my mother gave me, it would be painful and relentlessly given with the bag hung high resulting in too much pressure, and with the bar of soap remaining in the bag, very, very soapy. As I lay there on my back my mother and Mrs. Bender knelt on the floor beside me and mother had her hold my legs back and look closely as she lubricated, first the outside and then inside of my anus with her finger, and then the enema nozzle. Then she pushed the nozzle into me and opened the clamp. When the enema started flowing I yelled that I didnít want an enema and reached down and pulled the nozzle out. Enema sprayed everywhere, all over my mother, Mrs. Bender and the bathroom. My mother closed the clamp and then spanked the daylights out of me. Even though I already had some enema in me, the bag was refilled because my mother said that I hadnít had much to start with and I had wasted a lot of the enema and I would be taking it all.. The nozzle was put back in and she ask Mrs. Bender to hold it in me while she held my hands so I couldnít pull it out again. As was typical of all the enemas my mother gave and took herself once started they werenít stopped until it was all in regardless of how much it hurt and I cried, begged and pleaded for it to stop. Finally the bag emptied and I was put on the toilet

With the exception of no soap, the enema Mrs. Bender gave me followed the same procedure as the one my mother gave me, the bag was re-hung from the high towel rod, I was placed on the bathroom floor on my back and my legs pulled up and back, the nozzle was put into me and the clamp opened, and the flow continued till the bag emptied. When it was over we all went to the Bender house because I couldnít be left home alone, and the enemas were given to the two children. I didnít see what was done but from the crying and begging I heard coming from the bathroom it could not have been any different than what happened to me

Afterwards I was red with embarrassment every time I saw Mrs. Bender and did everything I could to avoid her.

It was the late 1940's and 1950's. I grew up in a large, older house with my parents and my three sisters. Mom was a nurse at the local hospital and she was like the proverbial mother hen, especially when it came to health and cleanliness. A clean house, clean clothes, and clean bodies were of the utmost importance. And, once we reached 5 or 6 years old, we learned that internal cleanliness was important also. No one was exempt from this including our father.

When I was older, I recall overhearing Mom say, "Frank, when was the last time you had an enema?" Dad replied that he didn't think enemas were necessary unless one was really needed, but he agreed to take one before the end of the week. I don't know if he ever did or how often he took one, but there was no arguing with Mom about this. Her position on the need for regular enemas was unshakable. When we were older, mom showed us pictures of the colon and told us how waste became trapped in the folds of the colon and how important it was to remove this waste material from our systems. Sometimes we would complain to Dad about having to take enemas, and while he was somewhat sympathetic, his only answer was that Mom was doing what was best for us and to do as we were told.

My sisters and I received weekly enemas from mom every Friday or Saturday night, two of us on Friday and two on Saturday. Mom would call us one at a time with either, "I'm ready for you now", or "it's time for your cleaning." All enemas were administered in the bathroom off of our parents' bedroom. It was a large bathroom by today's standards, with room for a sink, toilet, free standing bath tub, a small table and a chair and plenty of room left over. A tall cupboard was built into the wall opposite the tub. On the bottom there were three drawers and above the drawers were two doors with shelves inside. This bathroom was normally off limits to us kids. Our bathroom was the smaller one at the other end of the second floor.

Mom told all of us in no uncertain terms that she would not put up with any crying or complaining about enemas. "It is very important to keep your bowels moving and properly cleaned out so that you will be healthy. Everyone in this house takes enemas, so no fussing." This among others was the basic line the we heard again and again over the years.

My first enemas were given with a small bulb syringe and after a while, I was graduated to a large bulb syringe. My first recollections of enemas are with me across mom's lap and the nozzle of the bulb syringe being administered to my bottom. She started with only one or two bulbs full from the small syringe and gradually worked up to four or five. From the beginning, she explained that it was important to take and hold as much water as possible in order to obtain the best results. She also said that she would gradually increase the amount of water until she felt I was being adequately cleaned out. I'm not sure how long it was that mom continued to use the small bulb syringe on me, but it went on for quite some time.

I think I was in third grade when I got my first enema from a larger bulb. When I entered the bathroom for my "cleaning", the customary small bulb syringe was gone and in its place was a much larger bulb syringe with a longer nozzle. Next to this seemingly huge bulb was the white enamel pitcher of soapy water from which the bulb was filled. Mom must have seen the expression on my face and sensed my concern, because she quickly explained that one filling from the large bulb was that same a four or five with the small one that I was used to. I was instructed to remove all of my clothes except for my underpants.

While I was removing my clothes, I could see mom filling the bulb from the pitcher and I knew what was next. Mom then sat down on the chair, placed a towel across her lap, and then instructed me to lie across her lap. Mom then dug her finger into a jar of Vaseline on the small table next to the chair and thoroughly lubricated my rectum. During the early enema years, her finger in my bottom was what I disliked most about enema time. As I got older and the enemas became larger, her finger became insignificant. I then felt the nozzle being inserted and then the flow of the warm water. When she had injected all of the water from the large bulb into my bowels, I assumed that I was done, but when I started to move to get off her lap, I was told to stay put and she held me firmly on her lap. Mom proceeded to fill the bulb a second time from the pitcher.

When I started to protest, she reminded me that in order for the enema to do the most cleaning, it was important to use as much water as possible. Mom inserted the nozzle a second time and slowly squeezed the bulb emptying its contents into my bowels. I told mom that I felt like I was going to explode and she said "nonsense, you can hold a lot more that that." She then released me and I made my way to the toilet where I felt like I did explode. While I sat on the toilet and continued to drain, mom cleaned up and said that the larger amount of water was the reason for the rapid expulsion and that this was what a good cleaning was all about. She also said that she had been giving me weekly enemas over two years and that I was now ready to take the larger enema like she had just given me.

The large, two bulb clean outs continued for a while and then became three bulb enemas. Any time I cried or complained about not liking enemas or about feeling too full, she said that while I might find the larger enemas uncomfortable, that I was now really getting properly cleaned out, which was most important for good health. She would frequently add, "I realize that you do not enjoy this, but I'm doing this for your own good." After a short time the three bulb soapy enemas were followed by a one bulb clear water enema. She explained that this was to remove the soap solution which could be irritating. After I had expelled the rinse enema, Mom would check the results in the toilet to see if there were any, as she called them, "solids". If solids were present, the rinse enemas continued until there were no solids.

One night while I was across mom's lap I happened to notice a red bag hanging from a hook on the back of the bathroom door. There was a red tube coming out of the bottom of the bag and it looped around and went back in the top of the bag. I had never seen it before and wondered what it was, but I didn't ask. When I saw it there again several months later, Mom explained that it was what adults used to take enemas with and that before too long she would show me how it worked. She said that it was called a fountain syringe or an enema bag. She reminded me again that the larger the enema was, the better the cleaning out you got and that this was important to good health.

I think I received bulb type enemas for two years or so before I was introduced to the enema bag. I was about 10 years old when I got my first enema from the big red bag. When I entered the bathroom for my cleaning, mom was at the sink with the enema bag. When I looked toward the bathtub, I saw that a board had been placed over the top of the tub. After telling me to get undressed, Mom opened the cabinet, removed a pad, and placed it on top of the board. She then opened one of the drawers and removed a folded bundle that turned out to be a rubber sheet. The rubber sheet was placed over the pad. Enemas on Mom's lap were about to become a thing of the past.

Mom began by reassuring me saying that the nozzle that was used with the bag was no larger than the one on the large bulb syringe. She also told me that my first enemas from the bag would not use any more water that the bulb enemas that I had been getting. She then explained that a person getting an enema from a bag had to be lying down and instructed me to get up on the board on top of the tub. After hanging the bag from the shower rod, she had me lie on my left side, lubricated me and inserted the nozzle. She was right, it did not feel any bigger than the nozzle on the bulb. Mom then said that she would release the clamp on the hose and the water would start to flow into me. For the first time in my young life I heard the click of the metal clamp being released and almost immediately I felt the warm fluid entering me.

After a short time I began to feel fuller than I had ever felt before and I asked Mom to stop. While holding the nozzle in place, she had me roll over on my back and began to knead my stomach with her other hand. She opened the clamp and the water resumed its flow and I quickly said, "please stop, I can't hold any more." I really felt like I was going to burst. Still the water flowed and I pleaded with her, but all she kept saying was that I was almost done. When the bag was finally empty, she removed the nozzle and continued to rub my stomach. When I asked if I could go to the toilet she said that I now had to learn to hold an enema and the longer I held it the better I would be cleaned out. After a minute or two, she finally allowed me to relieve myself. While I was on the toilet, Mom was at the sink with the enema bag and I thought that she was cleaning up and putting away. Much to my surprise and dismay she filled the bag again (maybe half full) and hung it from the shower rod. When I was finished on the toilet, Mom told me to get back on the board. She said that this was a clear water enema, just like she used with the bulb enemas that would rinse out the soap and finish cleaning me out.

The soapy enema followed by the clear enema became the norm for all future enemas. When I was younger, I didn't understand why my older sisters would sometimes be teary eyed after their cleanings. Now I understood. With the switch to the bag also came progressively larger enemas. What started out as a not even half full bag eventually became the bulging bag. Somewhere in this time period, Mom also began using a larger, tapered nozzle that was fatter on the business end. Mom's reason for using this nozzle was that it would not slide out easily and did a better job of cleaning. Back then I thought it was a special enema nozzle, later I learned it was a douche nozzle. One of Mom's rules was that you had to take the full amount in the bag or start all over again with another full bag. Her rationale was that the same as it always was, "it is important to take the biggest enema possible to be properly cleaned out. If you don't take the whole bag, the water will not reach high enough into your colon to fully clean it."

The other rule was that the first enema had to be held for as long as possible, usually 5-10 minutes. After the initial enema was done and we were squirming and groaning on the rubber sheet, she would be cleaning the bag and preparing the rinse enema and telling us how many minutes were left to hold the enema. I remember two or three occasions when I could not take the whole bag or could not hold it for the prescribed length of time and had to start over with a second bag full. Friday and Saturday nights were not fun in our house.

I remember one time I overheard one of my sisters tearfully telling her sister that "Mom made me do it three times because I couldn't take a whole bag." Taking the full bag was the requirement for the initial soapy enema and everyone did their best to comply. The clear rinse enema could be taken in smaller doses, but the bag did have to be emptied.

There were no punishment enemas in our house. All were given for reasons of health and cleanliness, and believe it or not, for occasional constipation. Even with the weekly cleanings, Mom would periodically check with us in the mornings to make sure we had our bowel movements, even going so far as to tell us not to flush until she could confirm success or failure. If we failed to produce, we got a visit from Mom the following morning, and if there was no action, we could count on an enema after school. It didn't matter if we told her that we went in school. If she didn't see it, it didn't happen. Furthermore, these were the polio years and we were told not to use public toilets under any circumstances.

The enema that we got if we were constipated differed from the regular enemas that we received. Enemas to correct constipation started with the routine soapy enema held for 5-10 minutes. All of the following rinse enemas were given with a colon tube. Mom's rationale for needing the special tube was that, "it looks like the regular cleanings haven't been doing their job. This tube will let the water get up to where you really need the cleaning." Any time we became constipated mom told us that this was a matter of concern.

Her constipation enema preamble went something like this. "With the balanced diet that you eat and the regular cleanings, there is no reason that you should be constipated. Either you are eating unhealthy food after school or you have a more serious problem. If this condition cannot be corrected with an extra cleaning or two, then you will have to be checked by the doctor." With that said, it was up on the board, the tube inserted part way, and the flow started. Once the enema was started the colon tube was slowly twisted and pushed well up into my bowels. The rinse enemas were continued until the water we returned to the toilet was clear. And I do mean clear. Any hint of brown color in the toilet meant at least one more insertion of the colon tube not to mention the enema that went with each insertion. As any one who has taken repeated enemas knows, it becomes increasingly difficult to take and hold each additional enema. Mom's solution for this was to firmly hold our cheeks together if we could not hold it on our own.

The only times that we didn't get a weekly enema was when we were sick and probably getting daily a enema or two anyway. I remember when I was in 6th grade, I had scarlet fever and was in bed for over a week. After just two days without a BM, the rubber sheet, enema bag, and bedpan came to my room. Each day that I didn't go, Mom was there with an enema, sometimes twice a day. During the three days that she had to work, she had a nurse friend that she worked with check on me in the afternoon. First she would take my temperature, and then without even asking if I had gone to the bathroom I was placed on the rubber sheet and given an enema. I'm not sure what the difference was, but Mrs. W's enemas caused a lot more discomfort than Mom's. I don't know if her enemas were larger than Mom's of if she held the bag higher, but when she was done, I had to scramble for the bed pan. There was no escaping it in our house.

There were no enemas given during the two weeks before Christmas, the week of our birthday, or when we went away for summer vacation.

Unfortunately for us, there was a payback for not having an enema at Christmas or during vacations. I call it payback, Mom called it a full cleaning. My first opportunity to receive a full cleaning came after summer vacation when I was twelve. The Friday following our return from vacation, we were playing outside in the yard when Mom called me in and told me meet her in the bathroom in 10 minutes. She also specifically told the others that I would be getting a special cleaning tonight and that they could stay out until dark. I wasn't sure what this meant but it didn't sound good.

When I arrived in the bathroom, Mom was there, the board, mat, and rubber sheet were on the tub, and a partially filled clear plastic enema bag was already hung from the shower rod. I then noticed the standard red bag laying on the sink.

After instructing me to get undressed and get up on the board, Mom proceeded to tell me what was about to happen. She said, "you haven't had an enema in almost three weeks and while we were on vacation you ate a lot of greasy and rich food that you don't normally eat and we need to get all of that completely cleaned out of your system. The first enema that I am going to give you is a mineral oil enema that you must hold for at least one hour so it can loosen everything in your colon. After you expel the mineral oil, I will give you a soapy enema and then we will see what needs to be done after that." Mom then said that because the mineral oil was thicker than water, this enema would take longer than a regular enema and that I had to be patient. Mom inserted the tube and released the clamp and the oil flowed so slowly that I could hardly feel it.

For the first time, she had me get on my hands and knees and then get down on my elbows so my butt was in the air. About twenty minutes later the last of the mineral oil emptied from the bag and I was done. I still didn't feel very full and thought this procedure might not be too bad. Mom again explained that it was necessary to retain the enema for at least one hour. She went on to say that if I thought that I had gas, that I was not to release it because I would expel the oil and make a big mess. She had me put my underwear back on and then led me to my bedroom. Mom placed a rubber sheet on my bed and told me that I could lie down and read a book or take a nap. I asked if I could go back out and play for the hour, but she said that all the movement would certainly cause an accident. Mom then rubbed my stomach for a few minutes and then left the room. I remember some occasional distress and squirming to hold the oil and watching the clock on my dresser. The hour lasted for ever.

Over an hour later Mom reappeared in my bedroom and escorted me back to the bathroom and told me to go to the toilet. Expelling the oil was a different experience. Rather than the usual violent reaction from a soapy enema, everything seemed to slide out of me. After draining for a few minutes, I was told to get back on the board. Now the usual red enema bag hung bulging from the shower rod. Mom started the soapy enema with me lying on my left side, but soon had me up on my hands and knees. I was then told emphatically that I had to take the entire bag so the soapy enema could remove everything that had been softened by the mineral oil.

When I began to feel quite full, I looked at the bag hanging above me hoping to see that it was almost empty. Much to my dismay, it was still half full. The solution continued to flow into me until I said that I couldn't hold any more. Mom stopped the flow, had me lie on my back and immediately reopened the clamp. She then began to rub my stomach to help distribute the liquid inside of me. When I continued to protest, she told me to stop being a baby and to finish taking the enema and to be prepared to hold it when the bag was empty. When I told her that I didn't think that I could hold it, she had me get back up on my hands and knees and then get down on my elbows. This seemed to help some and Mom told me to hold the position. The nozzle stayed in place.

She then went back to the sink, got the enamel pitcher, came back to the tub and proceeded to refill the enema bag about half full. When I began to whimper and told her that I could not possibly hold any more, she said that I had two choices. First choice was to continue with the enema, take as much as I could, and finish up in a "little while", or take the second choice which was to stop now and start over tomorrow. "Tomorrow, I will use a tube that we use in the hospital that helps you hold the enema, and believe me when I tell you that they are very uncomfortable, but you will hold the enema." Starting over tomorrow did not sound like a good idea and the special tube didn't sound too good either, so I told her that I would try to continue.

With me still on my hands and knees, I heard the dreaded click of the metal clamp and the flow resumed. No matter how much I squirmed and whimpered, her only words were, "just a little more and you're done". Surprisingly she stopped the flow and removed the nozzle before the second bag was empty and told me that I had done very well and to go relieve myself. After the initial gush, I continued to expel soapy water and waste for a long time.

Every time I thought I was done, Mom told me to stay on the toilet and sure enough, my stomach would rumble and out came more stuff. Mom said that I had just had what was called a high enema which meant that the soapy solution had gone very high in my colon and that this was good because it provided a cleaning in places that had never been cleaned before. I had to admit that I felt cramps and rumblings in places that I never had with any prior enema. However, I did not consider it to be the "good" enema that Mom did. Mom finally let me get off of the toilet and let me put my underwear back on, but told me, "that was a big enema that you just had, so don't be surprised if you have to go again. Now go back to your bedroom and rest while I get the next enema ready." I couldn't believe that she was going to give me another enema after the one that I had just had. I assumed that it would be the usual quick clear water enema and that then I would be done. Boy was I wrong.

When she called me back to the bathroom two full bags now hung from the shower rod and I was really panicked. "Get back up on the board and don't worry", she said, "you don't have to take all of this at once. First I'm going to give you a small, clear water enema to see if there is any mineral oil left in your system." After administering a relatively small amount, I was told to go to the toilet. When I was done, Mom told me to get off the toilet. She then showed me that in addition to the brown water in the toilet that there were lots of shiny spots that she said were traces of mineral oil. I was then told that I would have to have an enema until all traces of the mineral oil were gone.

Back up on the board and I once again assumed the position on my left side. I was told that the next enema would be a soapy enema to help remove the oil. After giving me about half of the bag, I was allowed to use the toilet and told to flush when I was done. I got back up on the board and I now received a quart of clear water. Back to the toilet to expel and to have the results checked for mineral oil. I was disappointed when I saw that there were still lots of the shiny spots and that the water was still dark brown. Mom continued to alternate between half bag soapy enemas and half bag clear enemas. Eventually, the oil spots in the toilet were gone and the water actually began to look much lighter. I have no idea of how many enemas I received that day, but I do remember Mom refilling the bags more than once while I sat on the toilet. Each time I got off the toilet I hoped that the water in the bowl would be clear, but much to my disappointment the light brown color persisted. Finally, my expulsion was light enough to satisfy Mom and she told me that I was done. My legs were so weak that she had to help me to my bedroom.

The rubber sheet that had been over the bed spread was now placed over the regular bed sheets. I couldn't believe that I was going to have to sleep on that horrible rubber sheet and asked mom if it was really necessary. I was told that, there was a good chance that I might have an accident and that if I did, it would ruin the bed clothes. My recollection is that the "full cleanings" took about 2-3 hours from start to finish and they always left me very tired. I don't remember much else about that night and I must have fallen asleep very quickly.

As I mentioned earlier, we received Mom's full cleanings three times a year and we all dreaded them. I can remember both of my older sisters being told that it was time for a full cleaning and watching them dissolve in tears and try to convince Mom that they didn't need it or that it hurt too much. Whenever we complained about any enema, Mom's response was always the same. "The enemas that I give you are for your own good and I would never do anything to hurt you." She always went on to say, "some enemas may make you uncomfortable, but they are not painful."

One time, when my oldest sister Mary cried and complained, mother reminded her in front of all of us that, "the last time you had a full cleaning you complained so much and were so difficult that I had to use the retention tube. I can use it again this time and for all future enemas. Is that what you want?"

Mary quietly said, "no ma'am" and tearfully disappeared up the stairs. For a long time I wondered what a retention tube was, but based on Mary's reaction, I didn't want to find out, and I never did until years later. However, I do remember sneaking into my parents' bathroom and going through the drawers and cabinet looking for the "retention tube", but not finding anything that fit my idea of what one would be. I did find at least 4 boxes containing enema bags. Three of them had a note taped on the cover that said, "enema only" and one was marked "douche only". I had no idea what a douche was and quickly forgot about it. In addition to the four bags, I also remember an assortment of nozzles and tubes in one of the drawers. Mom was certainly well equipped.

My sisters either disliked enemas more than I did or they had the most difficulty with them as they did most of the complaining before and during the enemas. When mom called them, they usually tried to delay the inevitable and would sometimes cry. I also remember a lot of times when I was getting ready for bed and one of my sisters was being cleaned, hearing them in the front bathroom, getting an enema and crying or pleading with mom to stop. My sisters definitely had it worse than I did.

Once when I was complaining about the enema that I had received the night before, my older sisters were sympathetic but told me that I was lucky because I didn't have to douche every month. When I asked what a douche was, all they would say was that it was like an enema, but only girls could do it. That answer only prompted more questions from me, but that was all that they would say. My sisters also had to put up with girdles. They were constantly complaining among themselves and to mom about having to wear one. Mom was no nonsense about this requirement too and would tell my sisters that it was important for a woman to have the proper support and that it was not lady-like to go out without a girdle. From what I could gather, girdles were not required around the house, but were a must if leaving the house.

On our way to school in the morning, mom would frequently take my sisters aside to check to make sure that they had their girdles on. If they didn't, they were sent back upstairs and told to put one on. Sometimes, mom would even do a girdle check when we got home from school. She caught both of my older sisters several times without a girdle and when asked where the girdle was they would produce the neatly folded item from their purse or coat pocket. They were then instructed to go upstairs, put the girdle back on and keep it on until they went to bed.

Mom stopped giving me weekly enemas by the time I was 16 years old, although occasionally, she would tell me that it would be a good idea for me to take an enema and inform me that there was a bag and a pitcher waiting for me in the bathroom. I usually replied with, "Oh Ma, I don't need one." To which mom would reply, "humor me and do it, it won't do you any harm and might even make you feel better". I usually did as I was told because I always figured that she would know if I didn't. On the other hand my sisters continued to get weekly cleanings until they left for college. Talk about incentive to leave home and go to school!!

A few weeks before I was to leave for college, my oldest sister, Mary told me to be careful when I was unpacking my things when I got to school. Mary said that when she left for her freshman year that mom hadn't told her that she had packed an enema bag. When she began to unpack her clothes, her new roommate was standing nearby and couldn't miss the large, red, enema bag in her trunk. Mary said that she explained that her mother must have accidentally packed it and quickly put it away. When I was leaving for college, Mom told me at the last minute that she had packed an enema bag in case I might need one. As far as I know, none of us ever took an enema while we were in college or ever again for that matter.

My first enema after leaving home came over 25 years later when my doctor scheduled me for a lower GI exam. I had heard the term, but had no idea what they were. I was instructed to eat or drink nothing after dinner the day before the exam, and to take enemas "until clear" before going to bed and to take one enema in the morning before leaving for the hospital. The nurses recommendation was to buy a Fleet enema bag as they were inexpensive and could be disposed of when I was done. When it came time to take the evening enema, all of the childhood enemas came back to me and I wasn't sure how I was going to do this. To my surprise, the enemas weren't as bad as I had remembered, and the single morning enema went without a hitch and I was on my way to the hospital.

When I arrived at hospital radiology department, I was led into a dressing area and told to remove my clothes and to put on a gown. When the nurse led me to the x-ray table, she asked if I had taken the enemas as instructed and I nodded that I had. The nurse then explained that I would be given a barium enema that I would have to hold while they took x-rays. Enema? My doctor hadn't mentioned that this exam involved and enema. The nurse then wheeled a stand with a large, vinyl bag, full of white liquid over to the x-ray table. When she asked if I had had this exam before, I said that I hadn't. She then explained that she would be inserting a balloon catheter into my rectum and that this would enable me to retain the barium liquid throughout the x-ray procedure. What had I gotten myself into?

I was instructed to roll over on my left side (deja-vu) and immediately felt gloved fingers pulling my cheeks apart. Shortly after that I felt the cold lubricant being applied and worked well up into my rectum. Lubricant was applied a second time and then with my cheeks still held apart, I felt something being introduced into my rectum. Initially it wasn't too bad, but all of a sudden, I could feel something quite large being worked past my sphincter.

Then, without warning I felt this thing begin to grow inside of me and asked what was happening. Nurse said that the tube had an inflatable end that prevented the tube and barium solution from coming out of the rectum and that she had just inflated it. The enema hadn't even begun and already I felt like I was going to burst. The x-ray technician then entered the room and the procedure began. Slowly but surely I felt my bowels expanding until I made a sound of discomfort. The nurse asked me if I was okay, I nodded yes and the flow continued uninterrupted.

When they were finished abusing my body, I was allowed to use the toilet where I initially exploded and then slowly drained. When I had finished dressing, and came out of the dressing area, the nurse asked me if I was okay and I said that I was. She then went on to explain that the barium solution could be very constipating and that it would be a good idea if I rinsed out some of the barium with an enema when I got home. As recommended I took an enema when I got home, did not become constipated, but did somehow slowly but surely get hooked on enemas.

If anyone had told me that I would be attracted to enemas after my childhood and after my hospital experience, I would have told them they were crazy. There was absolutely nothing enjoyable about my initial enema experiences.

June 6, 2013

As a nurse, wife, and mother of two, I have a couple different methods for giving enemas to get my family the relief they need. I really discourage the use of laxatives or other pharmaceutical products for bowel management. Why put chemicals into your body, and have to wait for hours at best to get sometimes inadequate results? It's the simplest thing to introduce warm water with a little mild soap or table salt into the bowels, and let the body's natural peristalsis take over for proper elimination. Enough water squirted up the wazoo is 100% guaranteed to induce a strong urge to go. The remedy is quick, and it's natural. My husband is prone from time to time to get constipated because he eats fast food on the go frequently. He'll usually keep it to himself if he's constipated, but if he gets miserable enough I can tell. He hates having me give him enemas, or having me stick things up his rear. He says it's embarrassing and degrading. But I've seen him get to feeling so sluggish and miserable that he'll swallow his pride and let me take care of the problem. When giving him an enema, the process is pretty much the same if you've ever been given a hospital enema. I use a standard hot water bag with a douche tip, and 1 1/2 to 2qts of very warm(105F) water with a little ivory or castile soap, just enough to cloud the water up. I don't want it so soapy that it burns him when he poops it out. My objective is to make him have a strong urge to expel, and just a little soap is all it takes. I usually have some castile packets from work on hand, but if I don't I use a small piece of dissolved Ivory bar. I have him lay in the typical left-sims position at the side of the bed, insert the tip up his rectum about 3", and open the clamp. He's usually begging to get up and go to the loo when the first quarts inside him. I don't try to force more into him, because again, my objective is to make him poop, not cause him pain. If he's still got plenty of gas or doesn't feel entirely evacuated after the first quart, I'll have him lay back down and introduce the remaining quart. I remember having to repeat the process once, and refill the bag because he was so stopped up.
On rare occasions, my 5 year old son or daughter have needed help getting things moving. Both my children, like their father, dread enemas or having anything inserted rectally. I won't put them through the ordeal unless it's absolutely necessary. If it has to be done, I use a pediatric rectal squeeze bulb syringe. It has a narrow tip for children so it's a little less uncomfortable going in. Just plain warm water is all you need to use for children. Soap tends to be too harsh. I hold them in the diaper position on a towel in the shower stall. I've almost always gotten an expulsion after only two gentle squeezes of the bulb. It doesn't take much to cause peristalsis, and believe me, they'll let you know loud and clear they're not liking where that water goes. But again, it's best to only use enemas on children as a last resort.

When I was 6 I was told I would be getting an enema. I didn't know what it was so I hid. My sisters found me and I was taken to the living room by two of my aunts. In the room was my family (sisters and mother) and some cousins, plus a couple of the ladies and their kids who lived next door. Almost everyone was female. One of my aunts stripped me naked and lifted me on the table. They were both nurses and one held the bag and the other pushed the nozzle up my bum. She told everyone I was going to be given a punishment enema and that it would force me to have a bowel movement. She then pointed to a potty on the floor and said I would move my bowels on that and that everyone would watch. She the said it was time and she started giving me the enema. It was my 1st one and I didn't know what to expect. The water was going in my bum and I couldn't stop it. I even leaked a little bit out before they told me I had to hold it all in. After the enema was done I had to lie on my back with a warm towel over my stomach for 15 minutes. I was more afraid of pooping in front of everyone than pooping on the table, but I held it in. After the 15 minutes my aunt took off the towel and stood me in front of the potty. Then she forced me to sit on it and told me to move my bowels. Everyone was watching and I tried not to go in front of them. Finally the enema won and I started a bowel movement. It was loud and one of my cousins started to laugh at me until her mother told her to be quiet. After I finished my aunt wiped my bum. Then I was put in pajamas and sent to bed.

May 29, 2013

We lived on a farm way out in the country where there were not too many visitors and, because our house was set well back from the seldom-traveled road, we had had a lot of privacy.

I can remember, when we were preschool and even in the pre-teens, on hot summer days, instead of bathing in the hot bathroom, my two sisters and I would wash up outside, soaping ourselves and then using the garden hose to rinse.

We didn't feel too self-conscious about our bodies because we had seen each other nude so often, it really didn't seem unusual. However, we didn't talk about this with our friends because they would always joke about seeing their brothers or sisters bathing. We thought they were the unusual ones.

We respected each other's privacy as we got older, but even occasionally when I was in late high school and my sisters would come home from college, we would go skinny dipping in the river which ran through our property.

One thing about our parents, they treated us equally. When one person got sick, it seemed that all were considered to be sick and got some sort of medicine.

This even happened when we got enemas. If anyone was sick or couldn't go to the bathroom, we all got enemas.

We would go into the kitchen to undress during the winter or we would do this outside during the summer when it was warm. Mom always said there was no reason to hide in the house when there was so much wide open space and it was also cooler outdoors.

When we were very young, we got enemas with the bulb syringe, but as we got older, we'd receive them from the enema bag which was hung from the towel rack in the kitchen or from the clothesline outside. We'd all undress and wait our turn, watching as the other got his or her enema.

My older sister, Jane, confided one time that she sometimes faked being sick so she would get an enema. I told her that I fantasized about giving her an enema. We both laughed about that, looking forward to that day.

And I think our parents, especially mom, enjoyed administering the enemas to our developing bodies.

The last time we got a group enema was during the previous Christmas holiday. My sisters were both home from college. The oldest, age 22, said she was getting a stomach ache and it wasn't from any "woman" problem.

"When's the last time you went to the bathroom," mom asked.

"I think it was three days ago," she said.

"I think you need an enema," she said. "Don't you?"

Sis agreed, asking if she should go into the bathroom.

"You're not that old yet, young lady," mom said. "In fact, as long as we're all here, I think this would be a good time for all of you to get an enema, don't you?"

We sort of disagreed, but didn't really disagree as mom went to the bathroom to retrieve the enema syringe and bag. She then mixed up a sink full of warm water, mixed in a small amount of Ivory soap flakes and said, "Okay, girls, young man, time to undress."

"Right here?" we protested, half-heartedly, trying to sound like we didn't want to, but yet didn't want to miss out on this family ritual. We all sort of stood around the kitchen table and took off our, shoes, socks, shirts and slacks, getting down quickly to our underwear, and then just stood there.

"Oh, just throw your clothes in the basket there and I'll wash them when we're all done," mom said. "That includes the underwear."

We obediently doffed our underwear, the girls also slipping out of their bras. Jane had fully developed into woman with full breasted the dipped just a little, but still showed her full youthful beauty. Sue, 20, had maintained her "twin peaks" through daily workouts in the gym and playing junior varsity basketball in college.

"Okay Jane, you're the one who couldn't go, you're first," she pointed to my older sister who obediently took a kneeling position on a kitchen chair and leaned over the table, stretching out just a bit with her breasts just touching the table, causing her nipples to harden. Mom spread her cheeks, spread a liberal amount of petroleum jelly and then inserted the syringe before lifting it about a foot or two above my sister's butt.

As the water began to flow, I could see that my sister was enjoying it, although she fainted a bit of discomfort, but kept moving her body on the kitchen table. Mom stopped the flow a couple times, but finally emptied the entire 48 ounces of fluid into her offspring. Jane climbed off the chair and walked cautiously to the bathroom which was just next to the kitchen.

With that, Sue took her turn. She wanted her enema standing up, bending over at the waist to allow mom to make the preparations, jumping just a bit when mom's finger slipped into her butt hole while applying the jelly.

With the nozzle inserted, mom opened the clasp and the liquid flowed for the second time. Sue liked to take her enemas standing up because this gave her a change to move he legs a bit if cramps began to come. She would always do a little dance, sort of on her tiptoes. She had started doing this when she was about 12 or 13. She said it made her relax, but I think this helped her enjoy the enema as it flowed into her body.

The liquid flowed into her quite easily and she accepted all the water in just a couple minutes. Mom said the hold it for a while, then told her to use the downstairs bathroom because Jane was not yet done. This left only me. Mom loaded the bag again, telling me to take "the position I wanted." I preferred to simply bend over, putting my hands on my knees.

With that the jelly was applied and the hose inserted, causing a warm sensation through my body and causing my penis to become erect. My sisters always took notice of this when they had their enemas, but never said anything, believing any comments like this would end our common enema sessions which we all seemed to enjoy. I was not overly endowed, but it was enough to feel good when I brushed against the cold edge of the kitchen table.

Just as I was finished taking the last of the water, my sister came out of the bathroom, allowing me to use this room. I walked by her and she reached out, grabbing my extended appendage as mom's back was turned. This also began the second, and sometimes a third round of enemas, these to rinse. Once we produced a clean flow of water it meant we were cleaned out.

After we were pronounced clean, we would shower and get into fresh clothes. My sisters said they would continue this ritual if they had families and asked if I would do the same. I probably would.

May 24, 2013

My husband used his finger(s) to properly lubricated my rectum. He inserted the Bardex nozzle which always is a thrill and then inflated it with 4 pumps. I was bent over the counter in our bathroom and the bag hangs from a higher towel bar we installed. As the water started to flow in me my husband softly rubbed my hiney cheeks and then slipped under me to gently rub my clitoris and got a finger in my vagina. I not only got the enema I wanted he also helped me orgasm. He was present when I expelled as I am when he expels his.

May 11, 2013

Age 15. Was drinking beer underage. I kept it secret and had done it a few times before with an older friend who was legal. I was careful to destroy the liquor store receipts. This time I lost the receipt, I found a hole in my jeans pocket, couldn't find it in the house and assumed it was lost elsewhere. I didn't know it had fallen through my jeans and into my cowboy boot as I walked home. I wore a different pair of boots the following day and while I was out Mom shined up my other boots and found the receipt inside one. I had no idea it was there.

Got home in the afternoon to find Mom as mad as I have seen her. She popped my belt, yanked my jeans down and hauled me over her lap. She spanked me with a hairbrush maybe 30 times shouting "Boys are NOT allowed alcohol!" After she'd finished she ordered me into the work room. As usual a pillow, Higginson and bucket were waiting. Mom ordered me to undress and filled the bucket with hot soapy water. I was told to lie on the table on my back. She wedged a pillow under me to raise my hips, pushed my legs back, lubricated me and pushed the douche nozzle in deep. My legs were lowered and the water was pumped in. I had had all this before since I was ten, but this time was different. Mom went way past the 2.5 quarts I was punished with in the past. She massaged my tummy but not so much for my comfort but to get more water in. At about 3 quarts I guessed, I thought I would burst.

A bit later I was pleading and kicking my legs. Mom picked up my belt and strapped my ankles together to stop me kicking. I wondered if that was it, squirming around on the table. It wasn't. Mom picked up the Higginson and began squeezing the bulb again, forcing yet more water into my poor swollen tummy. Finally she stopped. When I looked later at the bucket I guessed she'd got at least 3.5 quarts into me, maybe almost 4 quarts. I had never even imagined my bowels could take so much. Keeping the nozzle in, and keeping a warning hand on my chest to stop me getting up, Mom made me hold it. I couldn't hold it for long, but long enough for her to repeat her lecture that boys must not drink until they grow up. In some pain and looking down at my distended tummy straining with so much water, I cried that I wouldn't again. With that, and possibly seeing in my eyes that I was about to let go, she let me off the table and followed me to the toilet carrying the still-inserted Higginson. There she removed the nozzle from me and left me alone.

 I have to this day never been so happy to sit on a toilet. When I'd finished she called me back and rinsed me out gently with less than a couple quarts in her usual loving manner. Her point had been made. That was not my first punishment enema, or my last, though I think it was the biggest. Later punishment enemas at 16 and 17 probably came close but I was bigger by then and it wasn't quite as bad. Mom's gone now. I miss her - and I miss the gentle and loving enemas she gave me, but definitely not the punishment ones! Her mantra of Boys Don't Drink stuck with me though. I didn't have another beer until I was legally allowed.

May 10, 2013

We had talked about enemas, read several web sites about recreational enemas, and one evening just decided we wanted to try it. We did several enemas, none bigger than a quart-and-a-half ... keeping this a fun evening, which is was. The evening continued after that ... quite erotic ... and the next morning culminated with some time in the shower. We plan on doing this again in the near future because it was such a good experience.

May 8, 2013

My wife administers a 4 quart soapsuds enema in my rectum every fourth day. We use either a 4 quart enema bag or 2 or 3, two quart enema bags connected with y tubing connectors and each tubing has a shutoff clamp. After nozzle insertion, I breath through my mouth while the soapsuds enters at a rate of one notch down on the shutoff clamp. This usually takes 10 minutes to inject the entire enema. If cramping occurs, I have my wife shut the clamp off until the cramping subsides, then I resume at the same injection rate that we set the clamp at when we began. When the entire contents have been administered, I expel it. I then have my wife give me another 3 quart enema using the tiny amount of soap leftover from mixing the first enema. This enema is more effective then using a plain tap water enema and it causes the rest of the soap residue to be expelled. I also use a barium enema nozzle as the diameter helps hold in the liquid so it does not leak out while being administered. These enemas are very effective and always produce the desired results!

April 28, 2013

My mother had a "Spring Cleaning+ routine that took place every spring for a couple of weeks or more. As soon as the dandelion greens were big enough each spring to gather up, she would dig bushels and bushels of them. Country folks always looked forward to eating fresh vegetables as soon as they were big enough to harvest. There are many wild plants that are very tasty and easy to gather. But dandelions are one of the first to appear and are plentiful. And very good too!
She and her sister were overheard talking about being time for a good "Spring Cleaning" of the house hold. "The dandelions are up now and ready to use," they said. And they always smiled and joke about it as they visited about it. As a little kid I presumed they were talking about washing down windows and walls and giving our house a complete once over cleaning!
Mother would wash the greens and when she had enough for a meal she would cook them in different ways. Sometimes fry them up with strips of bacon or small bits of ham or even mix a couple of eggs.
Many times this was about all we had for a meal. They were so very good and us kids would fill up on them. She always encouraged us to eat as many as we could, even to the point of adding something else to enhance the flavor during the meal. We were literally stuffed! Of course the result was a huge BM some time later. And then another huge meal of greens prepared in some other fashion.
The next day our mother would decide that it was time for each one of us to have a series of large soapy enemas until there was nothing but clear water returning.
In between times she would dig for more dandelion greens. She had many, many ways to fix them. But always a huge helping of them at every meal. And of course the enema session two or three times a week. This went on for nearly a month.
When we complained about all these greens and enemas, she would tell us that we were lucky. Her own mother would make these kinds of meals all summer long or as long as the growing season lasted. Mother said that us kids were lucky. Her own mother insisted in all kinds of other kinds of greens no matter how tasty or bitter they might be.
Mother and her sister usually compared notes on the "Spring Cleaning" activities every few days and how they might use some other kinds of greens, spinach, turnip greens or whatever. Sometimes I might hear one of them say. "Well I have to give Eddie's room a good cleaning today or maybe it would be "The girls rooms need to be scrubbed down tomorrow." We all seemed to know what was coming.......A long afternoon session with the large enema bag or the JBL that my mother's sister used on her family.
I still love the taste of dandelion greens after 60 years but maybe not the huge soapy enema sessions between the daily stuffing.

April 11, 2013

I've had two barium enemas, both back when I was in my 20s. As for the experience, I found it to be both physically uncomfortable and embarrassing. Chances are, females will be performing the test, as for some reason radiology is predominately a woman's science these days. Don't be surprised if the gown they have you wear leaves you showing more to the technologist than she needs to see.....don't worry, she could care less how naked you are, it doesn't faze them. When I had the second BE, the prep didn't clean me out good enough. So a little brunette CNA took me down the hall to an empty patient's room, and gave me a particularly unpleasant round of cleansing enemas to get me ready. I was ready to quit, but they talked me into going through with it. When having a BE test, the technologist sticks a blue plastic nozzle up your butt about 4 or 5 inches. It doesn't hurt, but the inflatable balloon on the tip of the nozzle can be a little unpleasant. You'll definitely be glad the instant she pulls it out. But the most unpleasant (painful actually) part of the test is holding all that barium inside you....in contorted and uncompromising positions.....even much much worse if air is injected to improve X-ray contrast. When she takes the nozzle out, there's a good chance you'll shit barium all over the table and floor before you make it to the toilet. Don't be ashamed, because it happens more times than not, and the women doing the test will be very understanding if they have any experience at all. There's worse things than getting a barium enema, but avoid the BE if you possibly can.

April 11, 2013

I had one when I was 17. I was having some really bad stomach problems at the time and my pediatrician scheduled me to have a barium enema. According to my doctor, barium enemas are pretty uncommon in younger people, but my case was severe enough to have the procedure done.

The day of the procedure, me and my parents checked in. Then we waiting till the nurse called me to get prepped. When I got called, I was taken into a room with several doors and lockers. The nurse told me to remove all my clothes and put on a gown and some gown underwear thing. After I changed, the nurse came and led me into a room and had me lie on the table. He briefly examined my stomach and asked me if anything was hurting and that usually stuff. After the brief the exam, I was led into an adjacent room that had a larger table and a lot of equipment around it. There were about 4 or 5 people in the room both nurses and techs. One of the nurse told me to remove the gown underwear and lie on the side on the table.

As I was laying on my side, the tech told me that it was going to feel very uncomfortable and explained that he was going to insert a nozzle into my rectum and inflate a small balloon so that my body couldn't push out the nozzle while they were inserting the barium. It's kind of hard to explain what it felt like. For the most part, it is as uncomfortable as it gets. Like borderline of pain and maximum discomfort. It feels like something is filling up your stomach with air and it kind of feels like something is bubbling in your stomach. Pretty weird. The procedure felt like it took hours, but in reality it last from about 20-30 minutes. During the inserting of barium they take x-ray pictures of your stomach from different angles. (Rolling into different positions with that nozzle in there was no fun either).   After they finished the procedure. They took me into a bathroom so that I can release all of the barium. Which basically makes your poop white (for a few days actually).

Overall, a rather discomforting experience and don't want to go through it again. But, it isn't the worse thing to happen. If it's any help, it's not painful at all. But however you describe as being really uncomfortable, that would be the best way to describe the experience. Even more so, because I was a kid and probably already wasn't handling the situation very well.

April 7, 2013

Apparently my home prep wasn't good enough, so I got 2 enemas before the test.  That was bad enough, then he gave me the BE.  I was crying and begging him to stop because I had bad cramps, but he wouldn't.  He just kept telling me to

"pant like a puppy."  A week later I got another enema because the barium caused constipation.  Never again!  Humiliating.  Embarrassing.  Horrible.

March 28, 2013

By the size of the enema bag, I donít think it was more than 2 quarts, and was hung about 2ft above me.  The tech raised the bag as she gave me the enema, and after making me turn over in different positions, she lowered the bag, and drained out the barium. I donít think there was enough in the enema bag, because she raised and lowered the bag three times. The amount of air she pumped into me wasn't enough to cause cramps, and I think they really didnít know what they were doing, because it took over an hour and fifteen minutes, and was not uncomfortable. When she told me to expel in the bathroom, nothing came out, and she didnít bother to clean out the remaining barium.

November 2, 2012

I was very nervous. Female tech was very gentle but had a difficult time inserting nozzle. She had me breathing deeply. Overall, the exam wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although my bottom was very sore, my husband gave me a warm water enema when I got home so I could get rid of the extra barium.

October 9, 2012

After reading all these posts about how bad it is, I was surprised at how unimpressive it was. Nobody gave me prep instructions, so I went online to a Radiology site and found the best prep I could find and took the castor oil and bisacodyl tabs, but skipped the morning enema, and after the scout x ray, the tech said I was alright to proceed. She then had me turn on my left side, and inserted the nozzle. seemed unsure of the proper angle, and it was almost painful. they then put me on my back, and the tech started the enema. The enema bag was a lot smaller than what I read about, and looked like a standard disposable hospital bag of the EZM type.  
It looked like there was only about two liters in the bag, and it was hung about two feet over my hips. They had me turn to my left side, then on to my back again. The tech then raised the bag, but I couldn't see how high, but I felt the increase in pressure, and the bag emptied. I was in no distress ever during the entire procedure, even when the put the air in, after they put the bag on the floor to drain me.  After they turned me in different positions, they raised the enema bag again and refilled me, taking more pictures. They did this process ONCE MORE before it was over, and I was on the table over an hour. Never had cramps, or any distress.
I get the impression the test was not done right. From the time I walked into the hospital to schedule the exam, to the end of the exam, I got the impression of sub standard service. Very disappointed.  They let me leave the hospital with barium still in me, as I couldn't expel it.

February 7, 2012

I arrived at the radiology department of my local hospital at 9:30AM. I was asked to come back by a girl working in the exam room. She showed me a paper gown and told me to undress completely and put my clothes and watch in a provided plastic bag. She told me to come out of the changing room after I put the gown on, and turn left to the next door that led to the exam room.

The room was dimly lit and had pink colored tile with the usual stainless steel table and x-ray machine. There was two female technologists, one young and one middle aged. I was asked to lay on the x-ray table for a series of "scout shots". The second shot showed signs that the my laxative bowel prep was unsuccessful. The older tech asked me if I wanted to skip the test for a day and redo the laxative prep, or be given a cleansing enema right then so the test could go as planned. I hated the taste of the laxative, and just one more enema couldn't be all that bad, so I chose the enema.

They took me back to the changing room to wait about 20 minutes, then came back and took me to an adjacent room with a toilet and exam table. A large clear bag filled full with milky solution was hanging on an IV stand. It had clear tubing and the final 7" or 8" of the tube was larger diameter (penny width) translucent blue with two holes at the end. After about 5 minutes, a 35ish or 40ish female CNA came in and told me she was going to give me a full saline enema bowel prep to flush out remaining stool that was still in my ascending colon. She had me get on my left side and bend my right knee to my chest, and had me put my left arm behind my back. She lubricated the enema tip with K-Y, then proceeded to raise my right buttock. With my buttocks spread, she asked me to take a deep breath...the tip was placed at my anus... then exhale, as she swiftly slid the tip up into my rectum 4"-5" with one well guided push. The insertion didn't hurt, but did feel uncomfortably invasive because I hadn't had anything inserted rectally since I was a child.

The nurse promptly opened the clamp, and I was greeted with a sudden gush of very warm saline that actually felt a little too hot for comfort. I cramped at about half a bag, so she stopped several times till most of it was in. She helped me off the table and to the commode. Standing with my back to the commode, she had me bend over a little, and with one audible slurp she removed the tip from my rectum. I quickly sat on the commode and exploded out the saline. The scout x-rays that followed passed with flying colors and the barium enema was prepared. I was helped onto the ice cold x-ray table by the young technologist. She told me to bring both knees toward my chest. I saw her lubricate a light blue barium tip, and asked her if it was going to hurt. She said it wasn't nothing bad as it looked, just mildly uncomfortable for a few seconds. Just as the nurse before, she raised my butt cheek and told me to breath in and then exhale. This time I felt a pressure and a little discomfort that faded as the nozzle passed my sphincter, and was inserted fully up my rectum.

Next she inflated the tip, and I gasped in surprise. It felt like a sensation to break wind just inside my butthole. She opened the clamp and in came a torrent of cool feeling barium. I held almost 3/4 of the bag till 9 x-rays were taken, and the tech had me get off the table and bend forward. She deflated the tip, slowly removed it, and I raced to expel in the nearby commode. Back on the table again, the nozzle was reinserted, a little more uncomfortable this time because my anus was getting sore. Tip re-inflated, then the tech tells me she's going to put air into my colon to get double contrast  x-rays. I started cramping suddenly, like mild gas pains. Then the cramping got worse...a few x-rays taken...I had to turn onto my right side. By now the cramps were getting unbearable...the last 3 x-rays taken. She opened the valve and I felt immediate relief. She removed the nozzle from my rectum and helped me off the table. I went back to the commode to expel residual barium and the remaining air. I got dressed, and the tech said the test went well. She gave me a bag with a couple fleet enemas to take back home. She told me to take them about 4 hours apart to get any residual barium out. My wife recommended that I go have a colonic to make sure all of it was out. I managed to get an appointment with her therapist the next day, of which that experience was a piece of cake compared to the barium enema.

The barium test itself concluded that hard stool had scraped the upper portion of my rectum, causing bleeding. I'm bothered by occasional constipation anyway, so the results were a relief since it wasn't anything serious. I don't want to have to go through with a barium enema ever again. I have colonics often to help keep my bowels in check

After having enemas until clear, I was already pretty sore. Since I was a kid, my feelings weren't considered. The entire process was all a matter-of fact. The nozzle was put in. the barium was pushed in. I was moved around on the table to get several angles. The barium was drained. the air was pumped in for what seemed like forever. Just to make the day complete, I was given a large volume, retention enemata make sure the barium was cleaned out.

It took too long, it felt as though I had to move my bowels, the nurses tended to ignore my discomfort but kept telling me that it would only take a little longer, but it took much longer and was very uncomfortable, it took forever after the exam to expel the barium and I had to receive several big (2 qt), uncomfortable, hard to hold, rinse enemas

I was told to lay down on my left side, the doctor did the rectal and then inserted the nozzle and then was told to lay on my stomach while he pumped in the barium. The cramps were bad but then I got used to it. He used a lot of air on me. Then took a bunch of x-rays, was let up to go and release the barium more pictures and then laid back on my stomach while they removed the nozzle took 3 more pictures and went home

There were three female technologists, 2 students and one "supervisor", I was embarrassed, being 19 at the time of my exam. When I was allowed to go the bathroom, I was escorted by two of them to the bathroom , having to hold the entire bag of barium inside of me, while they walked m to the bathroom. When we got to the bathroom, they let the air out of the balloon and pulled the horrible tube out of my butt. I remember feeling faint, so, as I sat there on the toilet, evacuating, one of them held my hand and stayed with me. I felt humiliated.

The tech kept the bag out of sight behind me and never showed the nozzle. She lubed it with surgilube and lifted my right buttock and inserted the nozzle without fanfare. The barium was started right away and was cold and uncomfortable. The tech pressed on my abdomen and had me roll into different positions. While on my back, they introduced the air - ouch!- and pressed on my abdomen again. After several exposures, they lowered the bag and opened the clamp to allow the barium to flow back out of me. Such relief! After a couple more pictures I was allowed to get up and go to the bathroom and eliminate the barium. My anus was irritated from the chalky stuff for days.

I walked into the room which was COLD, and sat down and waited for the doctor. He came in and explained the enema to me and asked why I was to have this done. He told me how far he would put the tube in and that he was going to do a rectal on me first. I got on the table and laid on my left side while he did the rectal and placed the enema tube. Then I was told to lay on my stomach (face down) and relax. I heard him click the clamp open and I felt the cool barium enter my rectum. It kept filling me up till I could hardly stand it. He said he made it all the way to my cecum and then did a couple of pictures. He then lowered the barium enema bag to take out some barium and pushed in more air. I counted 7 puffs of air and then some more went in. I was in so much discomfort at this time. They kept telling me to roll all over the place to keep the barium from pooling up in my colon. After an hour of this they finally took out the enema tube and let me go to the bathroom. Then I went back into the room and they took a couple more x-rays and then I went home. After I got home I took 2 water enemas to get the barium out of me.

The nozzle was put into my bottom and I had to move into different positions while the barium went in. It felt like I would burst. Eventually I was allowed to go to the toilet. I thought it was over, but then I had to have another examination when they pumped air into me> I thought I was going to die it was so embarrassing

I had gone to the outpatient clinic at the college medical facility two or three times because of abdominal pains, which were left-sided. Each time, a history was taken by the triage nurse and then I was referred to the physician, who did an exam including palpation. The last time, he also did a digital rectal exam. Since he didn't find anything significant other than the pain and some tenderness, he decided that a barium enema would be useful and ordered it. Because the college was in a semi-rural location, it had a hospital with space to admit students with illnesses or injuries requiring observation and nursing care, though no surgery was performed there. I was told that the test involved filling my bowel with a barium solution and then taking x-rays to see if any abnormalities appeared, and that it would feel like an ordinary enema, except that I would have to hold it until all the x-rays were taken and that a special tip would be used to help me retain the solution for the time required. I was told I would need to come back that afternoon for admission and preparation for the exam (I saw the doctor in the morning). I was told to not eat any solids at lunch, just tea, coffee and Jell-O. When I went to the front desk mid-afternoon, I was signed in and taken to a ward that I was the sole occupant of. I was given a hospital gown the usual open-backed type and a robe and told to undress, put my clothes in a locker and notify the charge nurse when I had finished changing. I did so, in a somewhat apprehensive mood I will say. The charge nurse was not too old - mid=30s I guess and a pretty no-nonsense character. She asked me if I'd ever had an enema, and when I said I had, she asked if they had been given with a bag or a bulb and how I had been positioned. I told her that my mother had given me enemas with a combination syringe and I had to lie on my tummy on the bathroom floor. She told me that she would be giving them in a slightly different fashion and they probably would be less uncomfortable, as getting an enema lying prone was likely to be uncomfortable. She then conducted me to a treatment room, told me to go tot he toilet annex and empty my bladder. When I returned, she had prepared the enema in a white enamel can. She had me take the robe off and get on an exam table and roll onto my left side and pull my knees up, and after lubricating me by inserting a lubed finger and then the rectal rube, gave me the enema. This was repeated several times at intervals, the last (third or fourth) just before bedtime. I had a liquid (broth, juice, tea, and Jell-O) dinner. The next morning, I was given one more enema and then after expelling it and resting for a half hour or so escorted tot he X-ray room, where the doctor was waiting. The barium enema had already been prepared and was in a large stainless steel can with amber latex tubing and the retention tip hanging down. I looked - larger than the cans used for the enemas I'd already had and did cause some increase in apprehension. The doctor gave an explanation of the procedure, telling me that the barium solution would be injected just like the prep enemas, except I'd have a special nozzle to help me retain it, and would have to change positions while it w running in. After I had gotten on the table, the tip was inserted and the balloon blown up, which felt decidedly odd. The barium was run in, while the filling was monitored on a fluoroscope, with x-rays taken at intervals. I was asked to turn on my back, then right side and on my tummy (which way really uncomfortable, when my by then somewhat swollen abdomen was compressed. After all the x-rays desired were taken I was back on my back, and the can was lowered to a location below the table and the barium solution drained out, with observation on the fluoroscope. When I had drained adequately, air was pumped in. I was warned it would make me feel full and would be a ;little bit uncomfortable. That was a lie. It got beyond uncomfortable and hurt. And while I as waiting for the x-rays to be developed, the cramps got really bad and practically doubled me up several times. The doctor came back and took some additional films because some hadn't come out the way he wanted them, which took linger and increased discomfort, but they finally took me to a toilet annex and removed the tube. I blew the air and some barium out. When I was through I was allowed to put the robe back on and escorted back to my bed and told to rest for a while. A pad was put on the bed over the sheets "in case I leaked" - which I did, I had a sudden expulsion of gas and some barium remnants. As instructed, I notified the nurse. She told me it was to be expected and had me go to the bathroom to clean up, while she replaced the pad. After about an hour, she took me to the treatment room and gave me a soapsuds enema, and after checking the returns and making sure I felt OK, allowed me to dress and signed me out, with instructions to return the next morning for another enema as the barium was very constipating and could cause problems if not completely removed. That would have been in 1961, and none of the barium enemas I've had since were much like that first one. Or at least the preps weren't, nor the after-care.

It was much worse than a colonoscopy. I was given a very large tap water prep enema before the procedure. The technician lubricated my rectum with her finger and inserted the inflatable nozzle, then it was inflated. The inflation was uncomfortable in itself, and made my rectum feel very full. Then the barium was started. It was cooler than body temperature, and I could feel it filling each part of my colon. It was uncomfortable. I would estimate that I was given about 2 liters. I might have lost control if not for the inflatable nozzle. I was quite uncomfortable, but by now I had lost all modesty and no longer worried about the backless gown and my exposure. After draining the barium, I was filled with air. This was manually pumped in by a hand bulb attached to the hose of the syringe. I could feel each pump as it was put into me. At first it felt uncomfortable, like having gas. Soon, however it became more painful. By the time the procedure was over I was begging the technician to stop, and she was telling me to just take a little more and I would be finished. Finally, I was finished and allowed to go to the bathroom and void my colon. I had foolishly worn rather tight jeans and was not even able to get them zipped after the procedure. I made my husband walk in front of me to somewhat conceal this fact as I left the hospital. This was all in all one of the worst medical procedures I have ever had. Very uncomfortable, even painful, and completely degrading. The technician was nice and tried to minimize the pain, but there was really not too much she could do. Much worse than a colonoscopy

I checked into the radiology department and was told to wait. After a few minutes, the technologist came to get me. I was taken to a dressing room and told to remove all of my clothes and put on a pair of hospital pants and a backless gown. She came back for me and took me to the exam room. There was an x-ray table and beside it was an IV pole with a bag of white barium that was full. From it was a long clear tube filled with the barium and at the end of it, hanging from the IV pole was an inflatable bardex nozzle. After telling me what was going to happen, she told me to remove my pants and lay on my left side on the exam table. She moved the gown aside to expose my bottom. Next I felt her spread my bottom apart and insert her finger all the way into my rectum. The she touched the end of the bardex nozzle to my anus and began pushing it inside. It was wide and when it finally popped into my rectum it literally took my breath away. She covered me with a sheet and told me the radiologist would be in shortly. She returned with him and the barium was started. It felt cold. The x-ray machine made a lot of noise as the pictures were taken and the technologist had me turn in many different directions as the barium went into me. I felt full be it wasn't painful. After a few minutes the barium was drained by her putting the bag on the floor. During all the turning, the sheet had fallen on the floor and I was laying face down on the table with the tube coming out of my exposed bottom. She took a few more x-rays and then I was told to lay on my left side again. She deflated the nozzle and then pulled it out of my rectum. Again, I gasped. She told me to go to the bathroom and empty and clean up which I did and then she took a couple more x-rays. Overall the experience wasn't as bad as I expected. Fortunately everything was normal.



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